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 Writing your assignment in MLA format: a complete guide to follow

         There are different citation styles and formats, which essay writer will be asked to follow while writing your academic assignments. A citation style is a set of rules and conventions, which are established to document other sources into your assignments. This is an activity in which you give credit to those individuals whose intellectual and creative works have been utilized to support your research study. In academia, it is one of the basic moral and ethical rules, followed by every academician to respect intellectual property rights. Therefore, being a writer, it is your responsibility, not to plagiarize others’ works and learn to properly cite each source used in your assignments.

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         The most commonly used citation styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago. The type of citation style depends on the academic discipline for which you are writing the assignment.

  •         APA citation style is used in the assignments related to social sciences.
  •         MLA citation style is used in humanities such as the assignments of languages or literature.
  •         Chicago note and bibliography style is used in History assignments,
  •         while, Chicago author-date style is used in the assignments related to sciences.

All these styles format the information differently, that you have borrowed from other sources. Learning about these citation styles is challenging and time-consuming, therefore ask experts to write my essay, if you have to deal with multiple assignments at the same time. This blog will provide you detailed information about MLA citation style and will help you to write your assignments in this style.

Writing assignments in MLA citation style

         MLA or Modern Language Association citation style is more commonly used for writing assignments related to humanities. Two approaches are used while citing a source in your assignments, including the in-text citation and a detailed list of references that is to be provided at the end of the assignment. There are also some established conventions according to MLA style, which is used for formatting the page on which essay writer are going to write your assignment.

MLA style page format

  •         Cover page

MLA format does not include a separate title of a cover page unless it is requested by your instructor.

  •         Margins

One inch from all sides of the page.

  •         Credentials

Write your name in the top left corner of the page. In the next line, write your instructor’s name, followed by the course number, and the date in the next lines.

  •         Title of the document

Do not bold or capitalize the title. Capitalize only the first, principal, and last words of the title. Use a colon and a single space to separate the subtitle from the main title.

  •         Headers

Write only your last name in the top right corner of the header.

  •         Font style and size

Use 12 as font size and Times New Roman as font style.

  •         Line and paragraph spacing and indents

Double-space the whole document including the “Works Cited page”, with zero spacing before and after each paragraph. The first lines of all the paragraphs should have half-inch indents, while the Works Cited page must have a half-inch hanging indent.

  •         Direct quotations

You might need to add quotations in the original words directly from the parent source. You can use quotation marks for shorter quotes while applying the Sandwich rule for the quotation. However, if the quotation is lengthier than four lines, indent the text by one inch from the left side of the page and avoid using the quotation marks. You should consult and hire a trained essay writer to write the assignment for you if you lack expertise in MLA page format style.

MLA in-text citation style

 Do not forget to properly cite the information that you borrowed to support your arguments according to the MLA in-text citation rules. MLA follows the author and page citation method. You will have to write the author’s last name, followed by the original page number from where the information has been taken. The citation would appear at the end of the sentence in parentheses, before the full stop. The essay writing service can also write the author’s last name in the sentence, yet the page number will always appear in parentheses, at the end of the sentence.

MLA Works Cited page format style

         In MLA style, it has to be placed on a different page at the end of the assignments and this page is labeled as Works Cited. The Works Cited page contains a detailed list of the referenced sources used in the assignments. This section plays the same role as the Reference or Bibliography pages in other citation styles. The basic and most obvious requirement of this page is that it must list all the sources which have been used in the body paragraphs of the assignments. It would be considered academic dishonesty if you added any fake sources to increase numbers in the list or you did not add any sources that you have used in the main body.

         For citing a source, you will have to write down the first name of the author, add a comma, then write down the last name of the author and add a full-stop. After that, write down the source’s title, followed by a full-stop. Write down the publisher’s name, mark a comma, and then write down the year of the publication. You can also use online auto-generating citation apps for this purpose, or consult a essay writing service, to get your assignment written by professionals. 

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