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Most amazing tricks for writing a top-class argumentative essay 

Your teacher might have asked essay writer to defend your stance on different topics in class debates. The reasons you provide in support of your claims are your arguments. The word “argument” represents the art of persuasion that works on the basis of a series of reasons given in support or opposition of a stance, idea, or claim. An argument without evidence is just a premise. It needs facts, examples, and statistics to stand firmly. An argumentative essay is based on the arguments you will need to present in support of your stance or position on a topic. Literary, an argumentative essay is a style of academic writing which articulates arguments relevant to a thesis statement.

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Academic writing has a vast array of formal writing. An argumentative essay is one of the most commonly used types of writing in academia. The foundation of an argumentative essay lies in its strong arguments; the arguments you will present to convince the readers why your stance is better in comparison to the opposing stance of others. It is required to present the ideas of both the opposing parties respectively. This type of essay demands for you to prove your thesis statement through evidential information.

An argumentative essay follows the standard format of the essay, which is an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The topic of the essay may be in the form of a rhetorical question where you will have to opt for one side of the argumentation. It can be an open-ended subject where you will need to choose a stance that you think has the best possible answer. This type of essay is a bit technical to handle, therefore I always put in a lot of research in order to write my essay to impress my teachers with an A grade securing essay.

Tricks for writing a top-class argumentative essay

The two-sided topic of the argumentative essay is more technical than the one-sided topics of other essay formats. Because the claim you have made needs to be proved more aesthetically as compared to the opposite point of view. Students always need amazing tricks that help them out in writing a top-class argumentative essay. Here are some tricks that might ease up your academic writing process. Although consulting with an essay writing service is also a feasible option for beginners.

Understanding the topic 

Understanding and exploring the topic first will provide you with different dimensions of the topic. These dimensions will help you choose a stance in case the essay has a two-sided argument. For this purpose, break the essay’s subject into keywords that will help you to understand the demands of the subject. After that, you will need to conduct in-depth research to explore the core idea behind the question. There are numerous online services such as online libraries, Google Scholar, scholarly journals, and books that will help you in exploring the subject for a top-quality essay.

Taking a position

Every Argumentative essay requires a solid standpoint around which your whole essay revolves. It is a stance that mends or shapes your argumentation style in the essay. In the rest of the essay, you will have to try hard to prove that the stance you have made is valid. Your idea or thesis statement should be logically sound and arguable. You must base your standpoint on the positive aspects of a particular topic rather than the negative. This will help you in convincing your readers naturally without exerting any emotive pressure from your side. 

Creating an outline

After taking a particular position, you would need to create an outline based on the available and published data. The outline will help you to decide the road map for your essay. This outline will help you to present all the arguments one-by-one while supporting your thesis. The outline must be written in short sentences, bullet points, or phrases. You will also need to include the opposing viewpoints in the outline in this type of essay. Here, you would need to be cautious of those points that have the potential to weaken your claim. Thus, you would have to include a counter to the opposing arguments. However, if you still feel stuck in the outline writing process, get the assistance of an essay writer who would help you in writing your essay professionally.

Writing an effective introduction

An introduction is the opening paragraph of the essay. It is also called a fortuneteller of an essay as it provides the essence of what you are going to explore in the rest of the essay. Each sentence of an introduction paragraph must help you to retain the interest of the audience. The topic sentence of the introduction paragraph should also be analytical which can provoke the curiosity of readers as to how you are going to prove your stance. State your main claim or thesis statement at the end of an introduction paragraph. 

Body paragraphs and the analysis:

Body paragraphs of any essay act as the driving force in the right direction since it is the significant section of an essay. Your outline should be reflected in the body section of the essay. Each paragraph should involve only one idea or an aspect of the main argument. The idea must be supported with statistics, examples, and facts. You would also have to provide a detailed analysis of the facts that you have quoted to help your audience better understand the arguments. You must also present opponents’ viewpoints. It is considered unethical to omit the shreds of evidence related to the opponent’s claim. However, this needs a balanced approach to compensate both sides of the argument.

Concluding the essay

Rephrase and summarize your main arguments and important points in the conclusion. Proofread the essay before the final submission.

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